When you are ready to submit an offer you can do so online via this link.

Remember that you should do all due diligence prior to entering into a purchase agreement.  If we have not yet done business together you will need to submit a proof of funds separately by email to JeffD@JMHVentures.com.  Non-refundable earnest money will be due immediately to secure your contract.  Until we have received all three items – your signed offer contract, your proof of funds for first-time buyers, and your non-refundable earnest money – your offer is not binding and we may accept another offer.  It is in your best interests to wire your EMD to our closing attorney (ask us or them for instructions) ASAP and no later than 12pm the next business day.  You may also wire funds directly to us or provide a certified bank check made out to “JMH Ventures LLC”.  We will not hold a property for you prior to our attorney confirming EMD receipt.

The link to fill out a contract is here.  If you are an agent and would like to use GAR/RE forms to submit your client’s offer, please see our standard terms to add to your offer here.